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African Refugees

60,000 Asylum seekers live or try to live in Israel today. During 4 months I have followed after 3 of them, Adil, Oscar and Sadek in an attempt to describe the way they try to get their status in Israel.

Therapeutic Cannabis

A prohibited drug, but also a hope. The therapeutic properties of Cannabis are considered medically beneficial. In Israel, researchers, pioneering physicians, and committed patients have led a revolution.


Living with birds

Along its 470 km, Israel is a unique migratory corridor for 500 million birds coming back from Africa in spring. Such a phenomenon is not without constraints, but man and the birds will have to learn to live together.

Cannabis (Eng) Philippines

Tsahal in the Philippines

In November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful ever, devastated most of the Philippines. Like in many such cases, Israeli Defense Force rescue sent a humanitarian mission, 150 men and women to help rebuilding what was left and maybe more, bringing new hope. The report follow after the rescue team and reveals how once again, those catastrophes hit the poorest populations.


Fort 116 shall not fall

October 6 1973, Israel is caught by surprise when Egypt in the South and Syria in the north carry a massive military attack on both fronts. In the Golan the situation seems desperate when most of the outposts fall. One of them, Fort 116 still resist. The report provide a rare testimony by Zvi Zamir, Head of Mossad at that time.

Owly Land

Owly Land

The proliferation of rodents in agricultural lands created an ecological crisis. Scientists and bird watchers decided to introduce the barn owl to combat the spread of the pests instead of using toxic chemicals.

Tel Aviv Beach

A few hundred kilometers from the violence that enflames the region, the beaches of Tel Aviv are still a place for carefree relaxation. Religious Jews, traditional Arabs, gays, hipsters, musicians, all have their place.

Beach Keepers of Tel Aviv

Yasam Jerusalem

Yasam police jerusalem

One week with the Yasam special police unit in Jerusalem. Football games violence, terror attacks, elections under tension, crime, night and day, the unit is dealing with all aspects of violence in the Holly city.

Black Hebrew in Israel. Led by their spiritual charismatic leader Ben Carter alias Ben Ami, the Afro American community arrived in the desert of the Negev from the US in the late sixties, and believe their are the descendants of the Hebrews from the Bible.  How will the community survive the death of Its leader Ben Ami Ben Israel, considered as their Messiah.

Black Hebrew

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