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Eitan is an independant journalist and field Reporter and film Director working on social issues, environmental, science topics and News.

Eitan’s work include writing, photography and film directing.

Eitan has worked as Chief Editor for TV News and  collaborates with international Press and TV media.




The Scoop d’Angers

- 2008 First Prize Scientific story: Birth of an Ocean

- 2009 Second Prize Scientific story: The Dead Sea

- 2010 First Prize Scientific investigation: Lithium Rush 

The Days Japan international photojournalism contest

- 2008 Public Prize, Birth of an Ocean

- 2010 Jury’s Special Prize, Lithium Rush

Visa Pour L’image

- 2010 Lithium Rush

The Photographies of the year, Alençon

- 2011 First Prize Environmental story, Iceland melting 

The European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

- 2009 Creative Prize, Lava Lake